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Tickments - Terms of Use and Privacy Policy


The use of the Tickments app is strictly for beta purposes in order to gather feedback from users. 

From herein, the following nomenclature will be used for this Terms of Use and Privacy Policy:

"We" or "Us" - Tickments Inc.

"App" - The Tickments App

"Service Provider" - Google Firebase Realtime Database & Storage

"Analytics Provider" - Google Analytics

"You" - User of the Tickments App

"Tick" - A user's post in the Tickments App

Storage of your information

The app uses the servers/databases from our service provider and all of the information you provide to the app is stored in said servers/databases. Since this is only a beta version of the app, you are essentially using the app at your own risk and we are not liable in any way at all for the information you provide. Keep in mind that all of your Ticks in the App can be read by any other Tickments user unless you set your profile to private mode. We strongly recommend that you refrain from posting or sharing content that may be too private because this is only a beta version of the App. For more information about our service providers policy, please visit and

Deletion of your information

Since this is only a beta version of the app, the information/content you provide may not be deleted by you. Any or all information/content you provide during the beta period of the app may be deleted by us prior to the release of the full official app. We also reserve the right to delete information/content that violates the law. We also reserve the right to delete user accounts that violate the law. We also reserve the right to delete any content you provide that violates the law or our code of conduct; i.e.: abusive content or online bullying.

Google Analytics

The app also uses the services of our analytics provider. This allows us to view reports such as but not limited to your activity in the app, demographics, and etc.

Your Location

The app uses your location in order to determine the country you are currently in.

Your Pictures and Videos

If you wish to provide pictures or videos to your Ticks, the app will require you to provide permission for it to access your phone's camera, media files, and microphone solely for this purpose only.

Terms of Use and Privacy Policy Revisions

As of July 9, 2017

We may change the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy at any time and will immediately be reflected on this page.

Additional Concerns

The app is not a substitute for professional mental health services, including diagnosis and assessments.

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